Nathan's Family Tree

Nathan Welham Family Tree

Family tree provided by Shirley Brierley of Sydney ( a descendant of Eliza Welham, one of Nathan’s sisters).

I have omitted anyone born after 1920 to protect the privacy of those still living, at Shirley’s request.

Nathan and Jane’s children are shown in blue, and after each child is listed their descendants.  Any additions or corrections are most welcome.

 Nathan John Welham (b.1 Aug 1832-,Colchester,Essex,England;d.11 Mar 1875-,Jackson Bay,,New Zealand)

   sp: Jane Davies (b.1838-,Martletwy (near Narbeth),Pembrokeshire,Wales;m.12 Mar 1856;d.30 Aug 1906-,,Gore,New Zealand)

1. Henry Samuel Welham (b.1857-Eagle Hawk Gully,Bendigo,Vic,Aust;d.30 Jun 1908-,Mataura,SI,New Zealand)

   sp: Ellen Ashby (b.1863-,,Kent,England;m.4 May 1885;d.1926)

2. Henry William Welham (b.22 Feb 1886-,,,New Zealand;d.21 Apr 1958)

   sp: Ellen Margaret Egan (b.1892-,,,New Zealand;m.23 Jun 1908)

3. Ellen Welham (b.26 Jul 1908;d.4 Dec 1991)

   sp: Andrew McCAMMON (b.14 Jan 1902)

3. William Henry Welham (b.20 Sep 1909;d.2 Sep 1991)

   sp: Agnes Jane (Gladys)  (b.14 Jun 1910;m.14 Mar 1941;d.8 Apr 1986)

3. James Welham (b. 12 Apr 1912; d. 28 Aug 1986-Christchurch,NZ)

   sp: Elizabeth Brown (b. 18 August 1921; m.21 Jun 1942; d. 29 July 1994 Christchurch NZ)

3. Cecil Welham

   sp: Maisie M B Fisher (b.13 Jan 1917;m.21 Jan 1944)

3. Daniel Welham (b. 24 April1915 d.19 Aug 1995)

   sp: Christina Ness (b.22 Dec 1924;m.2 Nov 1946; d. 25 Sept2010)

2. Nathan Welham (b.13 May 1887-,Outram,,New Zealand;d.14 Feb 1936-,Waipuk,,New Zealand)

   sp: Olive Agnes Ewins (m.11 Apr 1925;d.13 Nov 1969-,Ramsgate,Nsw,Aust)

3. Allen (Alan) Henry Welham (b.23 Dec 1925-,Hastings;d.21 Jan 1980-,Heidelberg,Vic,Aust)

   sp: Mavis Laura Lake (b.6 Feb 1929-,South Wilford,,England)

3. Kathleen Mary Welham (always known as Mary) died 1997.

   sp: (Odd) Hekestad

2. Annie Welham (b.18 Apr 1889-,Outram,,New Zealand;d.28 Jul 1928-,,,New Zealand)

   sp: George Watson (m.12 Aug 1912;d.8 May 1925-,Mosgiel,NEW ZEALAND)

   sp: John Hart m ? - 1928

3. John Armitt Watson (b.5 Sep 1920-,New Zealand)

   sp: Annie Blackledge (b.29 Jan 1923-,New Zealand;m.5 Jun 1946)

2. Jane Welham (b.4 Apr 1895-,Sutton,,New Zealand;d.17 Aug 1966)

   sp: Andrew H Sim (b.7 Jul 1891-,Heriot;m.24 Jun 1920)

3. Reginald Lindo Sim (b.12 Nov 1922-,Gore,,New Zealand;d.20 Feb 1977)

   sp: Marguerita Theresa (Rita) Shea (b.24 Mar 1924;m.20 Feb 1948;d.22 Sep 1993)

3. Daphne Margaret Sim (b.15 Dec 1923-,Gore,,New Zealand;d.30 Sep 2006-Gore,New Zealand)

   sp: Raymond J Wards (b.12 Sep 1921-,,,New Zealand;m.17 Jun 1944)

2. Alfred Edward Welham (b.18 Dec 1899-,Sutton,,New Zealand;d.2 Feb 1968)

   sp: Eva Ralton

2. Henrietta Welham (b.25 Aug 1901-,Sutton,,New Zealand;d.31 Dec 1981)

   sp: Robert Shields (b.7 Jul 1901;m.14 Apr 1925;d.9 Sep 1970)

2. Samuel Welham (b.3 Jun 1903-,Mataura,,New Zealand)

   sp: Jane May McCORKINDALE (b.6 Jun 1904;d.27 Sep 1983)

1. George Welham (b.30 Dec 1858-The Pottery,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.15 Sep 1879-,Milton,,New Zealand)

1. Esther Welham (b.1860-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1860-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. William Welham (b.1861-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1889-,Milton,,New Zealand)

1. Thomas Welham (b.1864-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d. 30/12/1948-Orbost,Vic Aust - formerly of Kensington and Glenrowan)

   sp: Laura Matilda Crisp (b.Abt 1874;m.1897;d.1946-Ascot Vale,Vic,Aust)

2. Thomas Welham (b.Abt 1901;d.13/12/1966-Genoa,Vic,Aust)

   sp: Eva May Smith (b.Abt 1901;d.1969-Prahran,Vic,Aust)

3. Marie Eva Welham b. 21/1/1928

   sp: Brian O'Connell

3. Rae Welham

   sp: Keith Watts

3. John Welham

   sp: n\n

2. Nellie May (Dolly) Welham (b.1904-Kensington Hill,Vic,Aust)

   sp: Francis Murphy

3. Shirley Mae Murphy

   sp: Frederick Brunsdon

3. Francis John Murphy

3. Richard Paul Murphy

   sp: Marion Morris

1. Anne Welham (b.1865-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Alfred Welham (b.9 Mar 1868-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1920-Kenton,Vic,Aust)

1. Samuel Welham (b.21 Oct 1871-,,,New Zealand;d.1937-,London,,England)

   sp: Ada Betts  (they had no children) 

1. Annie Eliza Welham (b.4 Jul 1873-,Milton,,New Zealand;d.2 Jul 1929-,Opiki,,New Zealand)

   sp: John (Jack) Wyber (b.1877;d.10 Dec 1952-,Wellington,New Zealand.)

2. Olive Wyber (b.5 Jul 1901-Chaucer Street,Milton,,New Zealand;d.19 Aug 1947-,Hamilton,,New Zealand)

   sp: William Robert Miller (b.5 Jun 1898-,Milton,Otago,New Zealand;m.28 Mar 1933;d.1 Jun 1967-)

2. William Wyber (b.29 Nov 1908-,Gore,,New Zealand)

   sp: Margaret McCONNON

Jenny Richardson 26.01.2016 06:13

Hi Elizabeth,
The information I was given Olive Ewins' birthplace was Ramsgate, N.S.W. Australia.
I'd be much obliged to know where your info come from.

Elizabeth Welham 23.01.2016 10:09

Just a quick correction. Olive EWINS (Nathan's wife) was born in Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia, and not in England as stated. They met in Hurstbridge.

Jenny Richardson 26.01.2016 06:20

Hi Elizabeth,
Would you have any family information or old photographs of your Welham ancestors that you would be willing to have added to this website?

Jenny Richardson 31.12.2015 01:25

Hi Teneille,
Would you have any details of photos of Allen's family and sister Mary that you would be willing to share on the "Nathan's Descendants" page?

LOUISA YOUNG 02.07.2016 12:05

Hi Jenny,

I am Allen Welhams daughter Louisa.
How r u related to him?

Teneille Young 07.11.2015 08:47

I am Teneille Young. I just came across this.
My mother is Louisa Welham - Alan Henry Welham's daughter

Jenny Richardson 06.12.2015 08:45

Hi Teneille, I have just come across your message, and would be very grateful if you would contact me on

Jenny Richardson

Robin J. 02.06.2014 14:31

Have a few family photos I'm happy to share with family members only. Can be contacted at


Jenny Richardson 03.05.2014 08:25

Hi Kirsten,
Would you mind sending me your email address to as this page only allows a couple of sentences.

Kirsten 01.05.2014 13:24

Well there you go! Its a very small world! Not sure if you know but nana passed away 25 September 2010. Was a sad time

Mum and dad still in Fairfield, my brother lives in mosgiel and I'm in CHCH.

Kirsten 30.04.2014 13:39

Hi. Came across this site. Daniel and Christina Welham are/were my grandparents.

Jenny Richardson 30.04.2014 23:23

Hi Kirsten,
Daniel & Christina were my aunt and uncle, and your mum Moira is my cousin. I have fond memories of visiting them at Brockville when I was a child.

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