Nathan's Descendants

Nathan's grandchildren

Photograph of wife & children of Nathan’s eldest son Henry Welham ( b. 1857 Eaglehawk Gully, Victoria – d. 30/6/1908 Mataura, Southland, New Zealand).

From left: Henrietta, Anne, Samuel, Ellen (Henry’s wife) Jane, Alfred. Not present: elder sons William Henry & Nathan.

Annie's eldest daughter Olive Wyber

Olive Wyber  -   eldest child of Annie Eliza Welham and John Wyber, grand -daughter of Nathan & Jane.

Born 5/7/1901 in Chaucer St, Milton. Family shifted to Gore in 1902. Younger brother William, born 29/11/1907. Lived in Gore in several houses, the last being Huron St, East Gore.

On 14/01/1910 the family left for Dalby, Queensland.  They stayed for 6 weeks with Mrs Enoch Alder in Newcastle, N.S.W  while John Wyber went ahead to organize their new home.  They then travelled to Toowoomba, Qld by train.  They travelled on to Dalby -a further 50 miles by train.

Dates are uncertain after this, but the Wybers left Australia about 1913 and returned to the Gore district.  In the 1920’s the family shifted to Palmerston North.

William started a banking career in the Wales bank in Palmerston North.

Olive taught art and technical drawing at the various high schools in the district and planned to go to art school in London.  However when her mother became ill, she abandoned the idea and stayed home to help the family.  She did continue to paint and teach, and won a number of art prizes.  One of her prize winning water colours was exhibited in the Wellington Art Gallery.  She was also a commercial artist for trading firms in Palmerston North.

Olive’s next move was to open an arts and craft shop called MARAMA ARTCRAFTS in Fitzherbert Street and did well until the Depression.  In the meantime, Annie Wyber died on 2/07/1929.  John Wyber bought a farm at Opiki and when Olive closed the shop in 1932, she went out there to housekeep.  From there she married William Robert Miller on 28/03/1933.

From then on, Olive and Bill Miller lived in many different towns, as every promotion in his police work meant a transfer.  While they were in Foxton, son Colin Roy Miller was born on 26/03/1937.  While they were in Auckland Pamela Anne Miller was born on 9/11/1940.

After that they went to Gisborne, Wairoa, Napier, Wellington, Christchurch and Wanganui, where Bill Miller retired as Chief Inspector of Police in 1960. He had been offered to be Superintendent of Dunedin in 1959, but elected to stay in Wanganui as he would have retired in a few months’ time.

They retired to Hamilton where Bill’s sisters lived.  Bill died of a heart attack on 1/06/1967 and Olive died of breast cancer on 19/08/1977.  Olive’s brother William died of a heart attack in December 1977, a few months after his sister.  Her father John had died in Wellington on 10/12/1952.

William Henry & Alfred Welham

Alfred Welham (see Alf in photograph above) and William Henry Welham - grandsons of Nathan & Jane Welham.

Nathan Welham b. 13/05/1887 - d. 14/02/1936.

Nathan Welham (grandson of Nathan & Jane, 2nd son of Henry Samuel) was born at Outram, Otago, N.Z. on 13th May, 1887. He was conscripted by ballot into the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in July 1917.  Prior to this he had been a wool classer at Mataura, Otago.  Transportation to England was on the troopship Tahiti which arrived at Liverpool in January, 1917. He served as a private in France and was repatriated back to New Zealand after the war on the troopship Briton, arriving in Wellington, New Zealand in July 1919. Whilst in the army in England he was recorded as A.W.O.L. for 15 mins At Torquay on 26/01/19 and had to forfeit one days pay!

He worked for a time in Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia, for his uncle Samuel (Nathan & Jane’s 5th child) who owned a grocery store. He met his future wife Olive Ewins (who was born in Fitzroy, Victoria) during this time and they married on 11/04/1925.Nathan died at Waipukurau, New Zealand on 14/02/1936 with his cause of death being listed as pulmonary tuberculosis.

 Nathan and Olive had 2 children:

  Allen Henry(Alan) b. 23/12/1925 Hastings, N.Z. – m. Mavis Laura  Lake  - always known as Laura (b. 6/2/1929 South Wilford, England) d.21/01/1980 Heidelberg, Victoria on 21/01/1980. (see below)

Kathleen Mary - always known as Mary died 1997.

Nathan, N.Z. Expeditionary Force 1917. He served in France.

Nathan and Olive Welham

Nathan and Olive Ewins married on 11/04/1925.

Nathan's wife Olive and their children.

Olive returned to Australia after Nathan died in 1936 with their two children Alan and Mary.

Alan Henry Welham C 1950

Allen Henry Welham

(great grandson of Nathan Welham b. 23/12/1925 Hastings, N.Z. – d. 21.1.1980 Heidleberg, Victoria, Australia.)

Alan Henry Welham

Korea Medal : Private A H Welham, 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

Associated with VX114517 Corporal Alan Henry Welham who served with the CMF from 10 July 1941 until 18 October 1942. He then transferred to the AIF and served until discharged in October 1946. In August 1950 Welham re-enlisted in the Australian Army and served as Private (Driver) 3/400095 with 3 RAR in Korea. He was discharged on 26 February 1952.

The Australian War Museum in Canberra has his medals, presidential citation ( awarded by the USA), photograph, and a hand drawn map (war souveneir). All of the artefacts are on display in the Korean section, just near the Battle of Kapyong memorial.

Alan Welham - Korea 1950 - 1952

Alan (centre) with army mates in Korea.

Alan and Laura

Alan and Laura photographed in 1954.

Thomas Welham

Thomas Welham (son of Thomas Welham and grandson of Nathan) b. 16/3/1901 Kensington Hill, Victoria (parents: Thomas Welham & Laura Matilda Crisp) - m. Eva May Smith (1925 Vict. Reg.) - d. 13/12/1966. Genoa, Victoria.

2nd October, 1930 - The Herald, Melbourne - Speed Limit Exceeded by Horse Transports 

                        Two Drivers Fined

When Thomas Welham of Mangalore Street, Ascotvale was charged at the Oakleigh Court today with having driven a horse motor transport at more than 15 miles an hour on September 10th, he said that he had been hurrying to the Sandown Park Racecourse because one of the horses he was transporting was rearing in its box.

"The horse had its foot caught in the manger, and had I not hurried, it would have probably broken its leg before I got to the course," he said.

It was stated that the truck was travelling at 30 miles an hour.

Mr Stafford, P.M. said that 15 miles an hour seemed a very low speed, but it had been fixed by experts. Welham was fined Five Pounds.

For a similar offence on the same date Frederick Hardiman, also of Ascotvale was fined Five Pounds.

Article in the "Gossip" column of the "Sporting Globe" Melbourne, 6th November, 1940.

Many well known faces are missing from the racing stage through the turbulence of Adolf: another will be missing as popular Tom Welham of racehorse transport fame is enlisting for special duties in the R.A.A.F. Today will mark his last appearance on a Victorian racecourse until apres la guerre.  

Owners and trainers will miss him as he is one of the original transport men in Melbourne.  For 14 years he has looked after the thoroughbred end of Mr F. Hardiman's business, during which time he has transported the champions from the stables of the late James Scobie, Jack Holt, Dick Bradfield, Frank Musgrave, Steve Murphy and others. Ajax, Hall Mark, Trivalve, Hua, Shadow King, Nuffield and Maple are just a few of the aristocrats entrusted to Tom Welham's care.

For many years he assisted Sporting Globe charity carnivals by transporting horses and ponies, while trotters and sulkies often found room and comfort in his floats. 

The knowledge and experience Tom has had in freighting valuable cargo to a minute timetable should be handy to the R.A.A.F. in which a commission awaits Welham overseas.

Western Desert 1943 - Thomas Welham, Commanding Officer of a Supply and Transport Column.

Western Desert, 1943

WW 2 War Service

Served in the RAAF in WWII enlisting on 7 November, 1940 and was discharged as a Squadron leader on 26 November 1945.

Bartering with a Senussi trader

27/01/1943 - two Australian airmen, pilot officer M. Hall and Flight Liet. T. Welham bargaining with a Senussi trader near Benghazi, during the 8th army's advance. They succeeded in bartering one tin of "goldfish" (herrings) for six eggs.

Western Desert 1943

Trucks and personnel of a Supply and Transport Column in the Western Desert. The Commanding Officer is Flight Lieutenant T. Welham of Ormond, Victoria.

Application for Genoa Hotel license

The Argus, Melbourne - advertisement Saturday 17 July, 1948.

Welham's Hotel, Genoa, Victoria

Thomas took over the license of the Genoa Hotel, Victoria on 13/7/1948. His second wife Florence Mary Kerr whom Thomas married in 1951 (Vict. Reg.6657/1951)  took over the license on 29/8/66 and sold it on 28/2/1975.

(see below for photographs of hotel and memorabilia).

Thomas was chairman of the trustees for the local Gipsy Point Cemetery from 1959 until his death.

The following article was published in the "The Argus" Melbourne, 19th September, 1950.

Poker-heated milk for young roo's

Jos - a pet kangaroo - has lived at the Hotel Genoa, 10 miles from the N.S.W. border, on the Prince's Highway, ever since he was found, a furless "joey" in his dead mother's pouch near Mallacoota Inlet.

Jos lives mostly in a fenced yard, but the fence is not to keep him in - he often leaps it to go walkabout in the bush.  It is to keep his enemies, dogs out. Jos once had a mate Joey, but the dogs got him.

Jos was reared on milk by licensee Tom Welham, who says there is only one recipe for young "roos.  The milk MUST be warmed with a red-hot poker.  Orthodox heating methods won't do.

Until he grew up, Jos' bed was a well-lined bag hung on the fence.  He soon learned to climb in, and so did the hotel cat.  Jos must have thought he was home with mother, as he and the car curled up together.

Tom Welham, by the way, is better known in the Turf world as "Tom o' the Floats". Until he took over the hotel early this year, he had been for years No. 1 driver for a leading city firm running a big fleet of horse floats.

Advertisement for Accomodation

Welham's Hotel, Genoa - memorabilia

Window which probably would have been above the entrance door.

Welham's Hotel, Genoa - memorabilia

Welham's Hotel, Genoa - memorabilia

Top of cast iron bottle opener.

Samuel Welham b. 13/06/1903 - d. 12/07/1991

Samuel Welham (youngest child of Henry Samuel Welham and grandson of Nathan John) was born at Mataura 13/06/1903. Married Janet May McCorkindale (b. 6/6/1904, d. 27/09/1983) in 1927 - Reg. No. 2496 NZ. Births Deaths and Marriages.

Worked for N.Z. Railways at various stations throughout Canterbury and Otago and then was transferred to the Road Services Branch where he worked about 20 years before retiring.

May and Samuel Welham

Sam Welham and nephew Alan

Sam with his nephew Alan Welham who was the son of Sam's brother Nathan.

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