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and there are four pages of Welham history and coloured photographs included.

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AUSTRALIAN POTTERY   76 Albury Street, Holbrook. N.S.W. 2644.
Holbrook is on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne.  This is a private museum owned by Geoff and Kerrie Ford, which has on display pieces of Welham pottery.  Geoff is the author of the book "Australian Pottery: The First 100 Years"

Email received 12/2/2012:

We now have 8 pieces of Nathan Welham salt glazed pottery on display in our Museum,  a spirit barrel, a bung jar, a pudding bowl, a lidded jar, a pickle jar, a ginger beer bottle and 2 safe stands or ant traps, one of which we are prepared to sell.

I have attached a photograph of it, in which you can see it has some damage, they both have. In case you don’t know, each leg of a table or meat stand was placed inside the centre section then water was poured into the outer section which stoped the ants getting onto the table or into the meat safe.  

We are only asking $55 plus postage for it if you are interested. As you probably know Nathan Welham’s pieces very rarely come up. If you are not interested you may know a relation who would be.

Please let us know the address of your Website for Welham descendants.

We are happy for you to mention our museum and our book “Australian Pottery: The first 100 Years” on the site. 


Geoff Ford OAM, JP, & Kerrie Ford

Owner / Directors

National Museum of Australian Pottery

76 Albury Street

Holbrook NSW 2644

Ph. 02 6036 3464


NATIONAL GALLERY OF AUSTRALIA - Parkes Place, Canberra, A.C.T. 2600. Has in storage the Welham Money Box . You may arrange, prior to your visit there, to have it taken to a viewing room at a pre-arranged time.

Welham Pottery Money Box


NEWCASTLE REGIONAL  MUSEUM  – Workshop Way, Honeysuckle, Newcastle N.S.W. 2300.

(NB: closed on Mondays)

 Email received 14/2/2012

Thanks for your enquiry about Welham pottery on display at the

. We have two pieces of Welham pottery in our collection. Unfortunately neither piece is on display at present as our entire museum was redeveloped and exhibitions altered. Terracotta Australis was an exhibition created in the 1990s from many private loans which have been returned. The objects can be viewed on line in our database,

but I have also attached our data sheets for your information.

I hope this is of assistance for your family website.

Julie Baird

Deputy Director


PO Box


Dangar NSW 2309

02 4974 1415

02 4974 8317 (Thursdays)


THE NEWCASTLE & HUNTER VALLEY BOTTLE AND COLLECTABLES CLUB Newcastle, N.S.W. Contact them if you are interested in purchasing a piece of Welham pottery. Bear in mind that Welham pottery is rare and the most likely item you could be offered is a ginger beer bottle.



Reprinted with Supplementary Material by Newcastle Family History Society Inc.

Mention on P.14 and P.93 of Nathan Welham's Pottery


53 Union St, Milton, OTAGO, New Zealand.

There is pottery on display and they have compiled a book about Milton Pottery which is priced at $NZ 35.00 plus postage. Contact


Gail Henry's book "New Zealand Pottery Commercial and Collectable" has two pages in Chapter Two with information on Nathan Welham.

amanda miller 01.11.2020 08:21

Hello! Yes I think they should be uploaded for everyone to look at. Let's also make a request as well, for a daguerreo specialist in NZ? Kind regards,Amanda xxx

Jenny Richardson 22.04.2021 04:40

There is a daguerreo restoration specialist company in Perth, Western Australia. Jenny.

Jenny Richardson 17.04.2021 01:53

Would you have any information on Alfred Welham (Annie's immediate older brother), born in Newcastle, NSW in 1868 and died in Kenton Victoria 24/05/1920?

Jenny Richardson 10.11.2020 22:27

I could not find any N.Z. Orr Australian daguerreo specialist online.I suggest contacting the Wellington or Auckland museum. Jenny.

Amanda Miller 31.10.2020 09:09

Oops, spelling error. I meant to type ‘daguerreotype’ photos of Saniel and Eliza.

Amanda Miller 31.10.2020 09:03

Hi Jenny, would you like me to send you some good quality reproductions of the very old derougae photos of Samuel Welham senior and Eliza Goodwin? Sending love

Jenny Richardson 31.10.2020 21:35

Yes please! Would you also permit them to be uploaded to Samuel Snr and Family’s page on the website? Jenny.

Jenny Richardson 26.10.2019 14:09

Thomas Welham of the Genoa Hotel was my grandfather’s cousin .

Craig Vale 25.10.2019 04:04

Hi I believe that my Step Father's Auntie was Thomas Welham's 2nd wife Florence. I have a railway clock and large cast stainless bottle opener from Hotel Genoa

Jenny Richardson 26.10.2019 13:52

I also have cast bottle opener from Genoa hotel- given to me a couple of years ago by publican when I visited. Scroll down page titled Nathan’s Descendants.

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