James London's Family Tree

James London Welham Family Tree

Family tree provided by Shirley Brierley of Sydney (a descendant of Eliza Welham).

I have omitted anyone born after 1920 to protect the privacy of those still living, at Shirley’s request.

James and Charlotte’s children are shown in blue, and after each child is listed their descendants.  Any additions or corrections are most welcome.

James London Welham (b.20 Sep 1847-Newcastle,NSW,AUST;d.2 Jul 1927-Wickham,NSW,AUST)

   sp: Charlotte Ann Royston (m.1870;d.1888-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Mary Ann May Welham (b.17 May 1871-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.19 Feb 1932-Fph,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Enoch Alder (b.2 Apr 1869-LMR,Cooks Hill,N,Nsw, Aust;m.1892;d.30 Mar 1953-Morrisset,Nsw,Aust)

2. Walter James Alder (b.21 Sep 1892-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.18 Apr 1908-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Never Married

2. Gertrude Agnes Alder (b.17 Oct 1895-Wickham,Nsw,Aust;d.2 Oct 1949-St James Rd,Nl,Newcastle,Nsw, Aust)

2. Harold Ernest Alder (b.14 Jan 1903-,Wallsend,Nsw,Aust;d.2 Feb 1976-Maitland E,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Elsie Jane Avard (b.1897-,Maitland E.,Nsw,Aust;m.1927;b.13 Oct 1972-,Sandgate,Nsw,Aust)

3. Gertrude Alder

3. Bryan Harold Alder (b.24 Apr 1928-Hamilton,Nsw,Aust;d.2 Oct 1999-Hamilton,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Audrey Gene Hewston (m.24 Jan 1953)

   sp: Vera Hardyman (b.1903-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust;m.1927)

2. Allen E Alder (b.12 Jan 1908-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust;d.2 Jun 1919-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust)

1. Walter James Welham (b.Sep 1874-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.4 Apr 1878-Railway St,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Florence Charlotte Welham (b.1876-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1962-,,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: William Charles de Audney (b.1871-RT,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;m.1895;b.3 Oct 1906-CofE Cem.,S,Nsw,Aust)

2. Daisy M de Audney (b.1895-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: William F B Smith (m.1918)

2. Eileen de Audney (b.1902-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust;d.1941-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Sarah Ann Welham (b.19 Aug 1878-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1933-Taree,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: n\n

2. Stanley J Welham (b.1896-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust;d.19 May 1954)

   sp: Doris L Bull (b.1897-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust;m.1919)

   sp: Herbert Arthur Alder (b.19 Jun 1877-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;m.1902;d.4 Jun 1949)

2Amelia Rose Alder (b.16 Oct 1902-,Petersham,Nsw,Aust;d.1975)

   sp: Charles Henry E Phillips (b.1902-Redfern,Nsw,Aust;m.1928)

3. Shirley Irene Phillips (d.1943-Maitland,Nsw,Aust)

2. Frank Herbert Alder (b.1905-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust;d.27 Dec 1905-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust)

2. Mildred Alder

2. Arthur Ernest Alder (b.2 Apr 1907-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust;d.21 Aug 1975)

   sp: Ida Thursa May Phillips (b.1909-,Wallsend,Nsw,Aust;m.1937)

2. Leslie Harold Alder (b.1910-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust;d.17 May 1989)

   sp: Myra Colley (m.1931)

2. James Royston Alder (b.20 Mar 1914-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Lorna Williams (m.1939)

2. Norman Victor Alder (b.7 Mar 1918-,Wickham,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Edith Lucy Lynn (m.15 Feb 1941)

2. Albert Reginald Alder (b.26 Apr 1922;d.Nov 1996)

   sp: Olva May Holman (m.1947)

   sp: Mavis Maher (b.1916-Wickham,Nsw,Aust;m.4 Nov 1957)

1. Ernest Robert Welham (b.1881-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.Jan 1953-,Islington,Nsw,Aust)

1. Harold William Welham (b.1884-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.Jul 1958-,Islington,Nsw,Aust)

1. Frank Welham (b.1886-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1886-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Henry Goodwin Welham (b.1887-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.May 1887-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

Alan De Audney 30.03.2014 01:53

Fascinating Family History
Florence Charlotte Welham was my Grandfathers Mother
I am Alan De Audney and my grandfather was Phillip Harry De Audney

Jenny Richardson 05.04.2014 05:22

If you should have any photographs, or information regarding Florence Charlotte Welham or descendants, I would happily include it on the website.

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