Mary Ann Orphan's Family Tree

Mary Ann Orphan Welham Family Tree

 Family tree provided by Shirley Brierley of Sydney (a descendant of Eliza Welham).

I have omitted anyone born after 1920 to protect the privacy of those still living, at Shirley’s request.

Mary Ann Orphan and Thomas Eggleston’s children are shown in blue, and after each child is

listed their descendants.  Any additions or corrections are most welcome.

 Mary Ann Orphan Welham (b.13 Dec 1842-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;d.1915-,Balmain South,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Thomas Eggleston (m.20 Jan 1863;d.1895-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Florence Eggleston (b.1864-,Glebe,Nsw,Aust;d.1926-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: William H Sudbury (m.1892;d.1917-Sydney,Nsw Aust)

2. Cecil W Sudbury (b.1893-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

2. Henry Compton Sudbury (b.3/3/1895-,Sydney,NSW, d. 2/12/1955 Concord, NSW)

2. Dorothy Florence Vera Sudbury (b.1896,Paddington,NSW, m.Arthur John Howard 17/12/1924, d.3/5/1970 Mortdale, NSW.

3. Jack Sudbury Howard b.17/12/1924, m.Elaine Margaret Francis, d.3/5/2012

1. William T Eggleston (b.1866-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1924-,Paddington,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Eliza Crane (b.1865-Maitland,Nsw,Aust;m.1895)

2. Doris L A Eggleston (b.1895-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Oliver Crandon (b.1889-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;m.1927)

2. Dulcie E T Eggleston (b.1898-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Douglas B D Campbell (b.1898-,Dubbo,Nsw,Aust;m.1922)

1. James B Eggleston (b.1868-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.27 Jul 1871-Market Wharf,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Ernest Albert Eggleston (b.1871-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1939-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Alice Laura Lowe (b.1872-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;m.1902)

2. Jack Ernest Eggleston (b.26 Jun 1904-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1944-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Ruby D Croker (b.1902-,Clarence Town,Nsw,Aust;m.1926)

2. Roger William Eggleston (b.1906-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Jean McGeachie Lees (b.1909-,Cessnock,Nsw,Aust;m.1943)

2. Lorna Alice Eggleston (b.1912-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Wilfred Roland Rose (b.1912-,Wagga Wagga,Nsw,Aust;m.1944)

1. Emily Annie Eggleston (b.1873-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1913-,Granville,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Alfred George Brewer (b.1883-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;m.1897;d.1913-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)

2. Geoffrey H Brewer (b.1902-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Maud M Eggleston (b.1876-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1919-,Waverley,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Thomas Frederick Massie (m.1900;d.1942-,North Sydney,Nsw,Aust)

2. Annie Massie (d.1897-,Stockton,Nsw,Aust)

2. Gwendoline M Massie (b.1901-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Cecil M Thomas (b.1900-,Binjara,Nsw,Aust;m.1920)

2. Marjorie Victoria Massie (b.1903-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Cecil James Benjamin Nash (b.1893-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;m.1938)

2. Tom Eggleston Massie (b.1904-,Burwood,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Nancy Charlotte Williamson (b.1911-,Wilcannia,Nsw,Aust;m.1936)

1. Thomas Singleton E Eggleston (b.1878-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1945-,Guyra,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Ruby E A Hancock (b.1878-,Lambton,Nsw,Aust;m.1906)

2. Thelma J Eggleston (b.1908-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: James W Wilks (b.1907-,Morpeth,Nsw,Aust;m.1935)

2. John E Eggleston (b.1915-,Tingha,Nsw,Aust)

1. Charles G Eggleston (b.1881-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1910-,Newtown,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Eliza Cross (m.1902)

1. Blanche B Eggleston (b.1884-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

1. Alice M Eggleston (b.1886-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)

bruwilliams 09.06.2017 03:05

For family of Nancy Williamson (b.1911) see my tree at

Jenny Richardson 20.06.2015 07:29

All I know of my UK ancestors is recorded on the "English Heritage" page of my website. If you have anything to add, I would be very grateful.
Thank you.

Lee Eggleston (son of Barry E Egg.) 03.12.2013 10:22

Jack Ernest Eggleston (b.26 Jun 1904-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1944-,Hamilton,Nsw,Aust) is my grandfather. Keen to garner any other anecdotes or family history.

Robert Eggleston 19.06.2015 20:56

Do you know your UK ancestors?

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