Walter William

Walter William b.26/7/1839 - d. 24/03/1870

Walter William Welham
was born on 26/7/1839 in Essex, England and died on 24/03/1870 at Heyfield, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

He married Ellen Lariscy/Larescy/Larethy at St Patricks Cathedral, East Melbourne, Victoria on the 16th May, 1862. 

The bride's maiden name was listed as as Lariscy. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, sailed from Plymouth, England and arrived in Victoria aboard the ship Ocean Monarch on 27/06/1856.

They had 6 (?) children: (Many spelling differences appeared on official paperwork).

Eliza Welham (birth registered as Welhem) b. 1864 Wood, Victoria. Registered birth record 19156/1864. Father's name listed as Walter Welhem. Mother's maiden surname listed as Laurency.

William John Welham  b. 1864.   (birth registered as Welhem 6001/1864). Mother's name listed as Ellen Laureney). Father's name listed as Walter William. D ied 1876 aged 12. (register no 1876/13407)

Elisabeth Welham b. 1865, Wood, Victoria. Died 1866 aged 1 in Victoria.

James Welham b 1867 Seaton, Victoria. Registered as 5972/1867. Mother's maiden name listed as Helen Larethy. Father's name listed as Walter Welham

Ellen Stacey Welham b. 1869  Bald Hill, Victoria.  ( birth registered as Welham 1869/13053. Mother's name listed as Helen Larethy . Father's name listed as Walter.

Mary Ann Welhelm D.O.B  Sept 1869 (have not been able to find birth record)  but committed in the company of her mother from Gippsland to Yarra Bend Asylum on 9/05/1870. Father listed as  drowned 1869 (S/B 1870) Mother Ellen Welhelm. Died at Melbourne school (part of asylum?) 16 April 1971 diarrhoea and whooping cough.

Gippsland Times Tues. 5 Nov. 1867


Walter Welham was called upon to show cause why he should not be committed to prison for failing to obey the order of the court to pay John Wilkins the sum of 10pds-12s-6d. The defendant, having been interrogated as to his estate, the Bench made an order for the payment of the sum with 26s. costs by instalments, with imprisonment in default.

Wood's Point, Victoria.

Leader (Melbourne, Victoria, Saturday 4 January, 1868.)

In List of New Insolvents:

Walter Welham, late of Wood's Point, boarding house keeper.

Causes of insolvency: Bad debts, depression in business, and sickness.

Liabilities Pounds 155-3-5d, assets Pounds 2-0-0d; deficiency Pounds 153-3-5d. Mr Moore, official asignee.

Gippsland Times 13 Feb. 1869

Subcriptions and Donations to Gippsland Hospital

Walter Welham was listed as donating five shillings

Walter William's drowning

The Argus Melbourne newspaper  - 2 April, 1870 On Thursday March 24, a well- known resident of this locality named George Taylor, attempted to cross the floods in Mr Tyson’s clover paddock, and was drowned.  On the same day a man named Walter Welham, who with others was proceeding to make inquiries for Taylor, was also swept away, and drowned.  Since then continued exertions have been made by the public to recover the bodies, superintended by Mounted-constable O’Connor and on the morning of the 28th inst. They were both recovered and conveyed to the Thomson Hotel, where an inquest was held by Mr H. Luke, district coroner.  The jury returned a verdict that both men had been accidentally drowned March 24, 1870, in crossing the clover paddock at Heyfield, during the flood.  They wished to add a rider to the effect “That if a proper bridge had been erected over the creek, at the clover paddock, the lives of the deceased and Mr George Taylor would not have been lost.”  These melancholy deaths by drowning have cast a gloom over the surrounding locality.  Another melancholy circumstance connected with Welham’s death is the fact that his wife is demented, with five children totally unprovided for. Walter and George Taylor were buried next to each other in section 4 in the Rosedale Cemetery, about 22km from Heyfield. Neither grave appears to have had a headstone. Walters grave ID number is P4-00-40.

Rosedale Cemetery Information Kiosk

Gippsland Times 25 June 1870

A s reported in the Gippsland Times, 25th June 1870:

Lunacy Expenses

From Mr. Butler, shire solicitor, notifying that an order for lunacy expenses 22 pounds, 15s and 6d in the case of Ellen Welham had been made by the Sale Bench.

Ellen Welham (also spelt as Welhelm in public records) was admitted to the Yarra Bend Asylum on 7 May, 1870.She was transferred to Kew Asylum on 30 April, 1873 and then to Sunbury Asylum on 10 November, 1880.

William, Elizabeth, James and Mary Ann were made state wards on 30 May, 1870, Elizabeth listed as being boarded out.

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