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September, 2021.


I'm Jenny Richardson (nee Welham), a direct descendant of Nathan John Welham, whose parents Samuel and Eliza (nee Goodwin) emigrated to Australia with their children aboard the Bussorah merchant ship from Bristol England, to Port Jackson (Sydney) NSW, in 1841.
For the past 30 years I have gathered up information on the Welham family and about 10 years ago it occured to me that it would be a good idea to share the information with other Welham descendants on a web page and hopefully others will come forward with further information and photographs.
Many thanks to Shirley Brierley of Sydney for giving my parents a hand written Welham family tree about 40 years ago and making me curious, and to my cousin Joy Manson (nee Welham) for sharing information and photographs over the years.
Thanks also to Naomi Kalogiros (descendant of Jane Eliza Welham) and Jason Smith and Lee Eggleston( both descendants of Mary Ann Orphan Welham) for supplying information and photographs. Alan Hughes of England, a descendant of Samuel's youngest brother Benjamin, has also been very helpful with information. Amanda Miller and Pamela Coll (descendants of Nathan Welham's daughter Annie) have been very generous to share photographs and information.
I apologize for any inaccuracies, and welcome corrections.

I live in Brisbane, Australia, and my email address is  

NB: This is a work in progress!

Memorial Plaque for Nathan Welham at Jacksons Bay, Westland, South Island New Zealand.

My brother Murray Welham and I travelled to Jacksons Bay and placed the bronze plaque on a large rock on the foreshore in the vicinity where Nathan was buried in 1875, on the foreshore in an unmarked grave.

For further information, scroll down Nathan John's page.

February 2018

Jenny Richardson 14.10.2022 05:21

Obviously we are very distantly related! Which one of Samuel's younger brothers is Lionel Alfred Welham descended from?

cheryll-lee welham 07.10.2022 06:06

hi we a branch of samuels younger brother with family still in England.Lionel Alfred Welham (deceased father in law) came to Australia just before first war

Sarah J Bell 04.08.2021 23:09

Hi, I'm Sarah. I am another descendant of Benjamin Welham,(born 1821). He was my G G G Grandfather. My Mum & Janet are first cousins! Great to find this site!!

Margaret Carter 07.10.2020 08:36

I am Margaret Carter descendant of Jane Eliza Welham on Shaw side. I am first cousin to Naomi Kalogiros Mother. Great work and so generous with information

Christine Harris 19.01.2020 05:52

My family tree is available on Ancestry and I have done my DNA is there's anyone here who wants to compare!

Christine Harris 19.01.2020 05:50


My name is Christine Harris (nee Watson), a descendant of Eliza Welham and Richard Watson. I have only just come across your page. Wonderful!!


Tracy Linde nee Salisbury 23.07.2018 10:01

Hi Jenny, Hope all is well, how goes our hunt with the Welham clan. I would like to help you will Richard William Richard Watson's Daughter Dorothy Jane

Tracy Linde 07.04.2015 00:27

Hi My name is Tracy Linde, I am Descendant to Richard Watson, I can help you with Dorothy Watson if you like as she was my grandmother

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14.10 | 05:21

Obviously we are very distantly related! Which one of Samuel's you...

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hi we a branch of samuels younger brother with family still in England....

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No worries. Regards Lee